Learn the One Pinterest Trick that Will Increase Your Exposure and Bring Couples to Your Site


Nicole Seligman, Junebug Weddings and Photobug Community


January 22, 2019


1 PM Central



The most simple Pinterest hack has nothing to do with when you post or how you post it and everything to do with what you photograph on a wedding day. Tune in to hear our top tip to incorporate into your wedding day shooting style to bring traffic to your site for years to come!

About the Presenter

Nicole Seligman

As Executive Editor for Junebug Weddings and Photobug Community, Nicole has helped to increase traffic to the Junebug blog by nearly 150% in total traffic and over 230% in organic traffic since 2016. Through trial and error, tons of research, and innovation, Nicole and her team have figured out how to tap into the traffic gold mine that is Google. Nicole will be sharing her secrets with you so that you can get straight to business when it comes to getting your site to rank for targeted keywords. You're not going to want to miss this amazing discussion, so sign up today!

Spots are limited, so grab your seat & take your pinning game to the next level!

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